Aquaponics Global-The Social Network For Aquaponics.

Looking around at the situation with social networking for aquaponics, I cannot find a truly international social network for the aquaponics business. There are splendid US-based networks like, but nothing that translates into enough languages to get aquaponics the traction it deserves.

Since I happen to be an old multilingual journalist as well as an aquapon, I decided to extend an invitation to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE interested in aquaponics, to join this site, which is now set up to be the first truly global aquaponics business network.

Over the next few weeks, I will be upgrading it still further in response to your suggestions on the SUPPORT ISSUES part of the forum.  Become a member, and what’s more, become a friend to all the other people who will doubtless join.

You will soon be able to upload your videos, and photos of aquaponics.

I will be moderating the Spanish, French and Italian parts of the site, and will have one of my friends from China keeping tabs on the Chinese writers.

I hope to get Arabic and Russian covered soon.

The point of having a social network is that we can all support aquaponics as the leading food production technology at a time when it is sorely needed all over the world.  Unlike more complex food technologies, it does not require huge continued investment in expensive seeds and chemicals, and once constructed, only requires a brief training course to ensure that farmers understand how it works and how to work it for success.

Unfortunately, the word ‘aquaponics’ gives an impression of some sort of rocket science that you need a Ph.D. to use, and having a social network that speaks your language is a way to dispel this impression. Here cash-strapped farmers can chat with the world’s leading experts and understand that in fact, a child of 14 without reading skills can run one of these systems using a color chart for the water testing.

There are various facilities on the site already that extend it to a chat room and a videoconference facility as well as a social network.  You can use the chat at the bottom, or use the chat in the forum system. You can get hold of me for free on Skype computer to computer here or in the margin-[skype status]

A social network for aquaponics professionals and amateurs alike is bound to turn up new discoveries and connections as people compare notes on the performance of their aquaponics systems, large and small.  I will be looking for people to invite to contribute copy under the main bannerhead, and also hoping for (paid) invitations to come and contribute my expertise to commercial setups.  I must point out that I am not a rich person and have bills to pay like everyone else.  In this vein, I would also like to point out that aquaponics systems, properly designed and managed, turn out profits.  Social interaction with profitable aquaponics enterprises on this site can definitely persuade other farmers to try out operating their own aquaponics systems.

I do also recommend that you read the books I have posted illustrated links to all over the site.  World renowned experts like Dr. Jim Rakocy, who taught me, incidentally, are well worth reading to find out how to upgrade your results and improve productivity without breaking the bank. Social media are great for getting tips and a business network is essential for any business, but it pays to have authoritative volumes on aquaponics against which to check what people are saying in social media about the subject.

There is always the possibility that your social network friends have got it a little wrong, and so you can get back to them and put them right with the scientific answers, after consulting the various aquaponics bibles on sale here, such as Aquaponics Q and A (The Answers to Your Questions About Aquaponics).

Social networking is not only about mutual admiration societies.  A social network can also be a place where constructive criticism saves others time and money.  This is time that, without social interaction to prevent it, would otherwise be misspent going down aquaponics dead ends.

This site is also represented on other social media – Facebook and Twitter, as well as reddit and Digg, but these are not specific to aquaponics.  This site connects to a Facebook page,, where you can go and look at past articles too and share them with your Facebook friends and colleagues.

With the help and support of all involved, let’s get the Aquaponics Global business network up and open.  I foresee that a small revolution will ensue worldwide as the news gets out on social media that aquaponics is social networking many people to success.

If you found this article useful, please share it on your favorite social bookmarking site so others who might need it can easily find it! We need to get the news and the info about aquaponics out to the hungry world fast!
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